How to Make a Calligraphy Piece

Calligraphy is an art that is present in a number of cultures and various parts of the world. Arabs are known for their beautiful work and are miles ahead of others in the field. A well crafted piece of calligraphy can certainly grab anyone’s attention and is sure to draw some rave reviews.

It is something that you too can do at home. You will be required to pay extra attention and take the pain of working with a lot of focus as a slight loss of concentration can ruin the whole thing before you even know about it.

Things Required:

– Calligraphy Pen / Thin Paint Brush / Bird’s Wing
– Liquid Ink
– 120 gsm paper


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    You will need certain tools in order to be able to do calligraphy. There are several ways in which it can be done and how you do it is entirely based on your personal choice. You can use a bird’s wing, a thin brush or a calligraphy pen which is available at good stationery stores. You will also need liquid ink to get the job done. Having a thick paper, around 120 gsm will be ideal for the final work. You can use regular paper for practice though.

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    In order to do this right, you will need a stable surface underneath. It can be done on a study table. Make sure that the paper is firmly in place. It is not a bad idea to fix it in place by using paper tape to hold it. You can also use pins to hold it in place.

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    The craft is not an easy one and if you want to do it right, you will need to practice a lot. Pick something that you will like to have done and practice it. Pick the tool that works for you and practice well.

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    Once you feel confident with your practice and see an improvement as well as reduction in errors, you can start on the piece that you want to have made. Stroke away carefully and keep your concentration. You should be able to finish the job cleanly. Do not try to finish it in a hurry as calligraphy is more about beauty and delicacy than efficiency and speed.

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