How to Steal Great Content Ideas

The ability to write effective content for your website and blog is among the most important factors in online world. Since it is generally the content which makes the visitors come to your website, webmasters usually try to adopt tactics that can get them a steady stream of quality content for their websites.

Writing compelling content is not easy and most of the websites fail because of this very shortcoming. They will focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), designing, and other online marketing  tactics, but content will always remain near the bottom of their must-do things.


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    Check covers of leading magazines and books

    Whether it is print publication or online publication, the writing on the covers is often responsible for attracting the visitors. You must have heard an old adage: Don’t judge a book by its cover. This may be true when it comes to substance and quality of material and information, but an attractive book cover does have the ability to attract the readers, even if the book is not worth the time and money. So, make the cover of your copy (hard or soft) attractive enough to keep the readers engaged and make them take the next step.

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    Do you know the top-ranked sites of your niche use compelling titles for their pages? You can see it for yourself if you have no idea. Titles are important as they serve the purpose of telling the reader what is in the article or post.

    When it comes to online publication, the importance of attention-grabbing titles becomes even more crucial. In these publications, a carefully produced title does two tasks: it attracts the readers and forces them to continue reading the entire article and also improves the search ranking of your website or blog.

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    Language structure

    You will notice that the websites which generate huge traffic and business don’t have content that turn people off. It is because they write the way people speak during general conversations. Intimidating and hard-to-understand language structure should be avoided.

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    Selection of topics

    Visit a number of leading websites in your niche and try to track what topics they cover on a regular basis. The leading websites are leading because Google acknowledges them. And Google acknowledges them because they are liked by the visitors. Try to come up with the same topics as your competitors (strong ones).

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    Keep your comment/feedback section open

    This is one of the most important tactics to gain insight into what the readers of your blog or sites say/think. When visitors come to your blog, they may post a comment, expressing their opinion. It will help you know how your content can be further improved.

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