List of Attractions Inside Tower of London

Tower of London lies in Tower Hamlets territory. It is her Majesty’s Royal palace, which is one of the famous historic palaces in England. It is situated in central London on the northern bank of Thames River and is very old – more then nine hundred years old as it was founded in 1066. This tower has been used to hold prisoners for a long time, but it was not what it was actually made for. The tower has seen many expansion works during the regime of King Edward I and King Henry III, and it provides a quick view of British Royal family’s living style. What’s interesting is that the tower has a lot of things that need to be seen inside it, and some of them are going to be listed in this article.

Location: London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom. View Map

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    The Medieval Palace

    The Medieval palace showcases marvelous interior that was being used during the medieval times. It also reflects the luxurious living style of kings and queens of that time.

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    The White Tower

    The White Tower is considered to be an iconic symbol of Britain and it is also one of the most meaningful historical buildings in the world. Tower of London also exhibits “Power House”, which is a very eminent exhibition.

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    There are 6 ravens in the Tower, and it has been said for centuries that if any one of them were to leave the Tower, it will fall down. This is why people love to see these ravens and it is one of the most famous sights during the tour.

  • 4

    Yeoman Warder Tours

    Yeoman Warder Tour is an interesting tour where you will hear interesting tales about the tower - some myths and rumors, and some facts, while the tour guide will intimidate you with his swagger. All of these things make the tour very interesting.

  • 5

    Prisoners Exhibition

    A new prisoner exhibition has been started in the Tower of London to show how prisoners were kept in the tower for many centuries, and how they were treated during those times.

  • 6

    Crown Jewels

    You can see a huge collection of around 23,578 gems that were used for royal crowns. Some diamonds that are famous all over the world are also placed in the Jewel house of the Tower of London.

  • 7

    Royal Beasts

    Some very interesting animals were kept in the Tower for more than 600 years. They were used for different purposes. You can read stories related to these animals while vising the tower.

  • 8

    Fit for a King

    Fit for a King is five hundred years old royal armour, and just by looking at it, you can have an idea about the power and personality of British kings. This view is covered under your basic entry ticket.

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