List of Top Insurance Brokers in London

Risk is an inherent part of business and life. That is why managing risk has become an integral part of many firms and individuals plans. Corporations and people usually insure their real property, life and other assets. However, shopping around for insurance can be a time consuming and confusing task. In order to reduce the leg work and complexity, insurance brokers in London have set up businesses that are one stop shops for all risk management. Brokerages can gain risk management tools for their clients at the best rates and tailor them to fit a customers needs. Insurance brokerages can help in gaining fire insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, flood insurance, pet insurance, business insurance and auto mobile insurance for all types of clients. Even companies or individuals who are hard to insure can be offered a solution.


  • 1

    Baronsmead Insurance Brokers, is an independent insurance broker and risk consultant. They also offer risk management for fund managers and funds.


  • 2

    Miller Insurance Services Limited, is an independent firm that handles reinsurance, complex large commercial insurance business and programs & facilities. The company deals internationally and at Lloyds.

  • 3

    Hiscox, is an insurance broker that has been in business for 100 years. They offer home and business insurance, professional indemnity, global risk management and event insurance.

  • 4

    Heath Lambert Group, is a top insurance broker in the UK and has been working for 130 years. The award winning company offers insurance, advise and employee benefits consultancy to small, medium and large corporations.

  • 5

    China Taiping Insurance Uk Co Ltd, offers fire, accident, liabilities, marine and aviation companies both direct insurance and reinsurance. They have a strong customer base in the Chinese community living in London, the greater UK and Ireland. 

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    Lloyds TSB Insurance Services Ltd, is a well known bank and insurance company in the UK. Londoners can purchase home, car, travel, pet and life insurance.

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    Smith Miles, is leading insurance company offering risk solutions in reinsurance and health. They also custom make insurance packages for businesses. 

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    Media Insurance Brokers Ltd, offers insurance services to all sectors of the media industry. They specifically focus on film and television producers.

  • 9

    QBE Insurance Europe Ltd, are specialist business insurance brokers. The large firms deals in all kinds and sizes of companies and tailor makes their solution according to the business need of the client.

  • 10

    CCI Broking, offer their services to clients in London, the UK and all over the world. They give their corporate clients very specialized insurance solutions that fit their specific needs.

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