How to Write Christmas Bonus Email to Employees

Typing a bonus email is one of those enjoyable activities, which can not only make an employee and employer’s professional relation strong, but it later on becomes a motivational factor for an employee, which is immensely beneficial for an organization.

If the bonus is announced on some special occasion, the task may become more pleasurable and it will definitely up hold the optimism or morale in the office.

Christmas can be perfect time to send a bonus email, along with the glee of this traditional occasion your workers will be given a chance to enjoy double treats in the end of this year.


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    As you know the notice you are going to pass on contains good news, so it would be a perfect idea if you address your employees in a semi-formal manner. Instead of addressing in a formal and highly professional way use the first name in the email.

    If you are issuing the same letter to more than one employee while addressing, you may use your department’s name.

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    Don’t make the first paragraph lengthy by mentioning irrelevant points. Directly explain what is the letter about and why is the bonus being issued.

    The details related to the bonus should be clearly defined, like whether it is an amount of money a gift any other sort of incentive or the pay is permanently being incremented.

    The amount of the bonus is important point in the letter, do not forget to mention it in bold letters.

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    The second paragraph of the letter should contain few lines in which the employee is being appreciated for his extraordinary talent and Christmas was considered to be the most admirable time to announce this good news.

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    In the concluding paragraph mention what exactly is the importance of this bonus and what kind of expectations the company has from you. Do not forget to pay your regards to the employees and their family.

    In the end of the email before printing your signatures type sincerely your designation and date.

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    Employer has to maintain his professional relations with his employees, in order to maintain the rules and regulations, but these kinds of pleasant surprises will definitely bring positivity in the official environment.

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