Top 8 Popular Myths Exposed

Popular Myths Exposed: At times things we believe is common knowledge are actually myths which have been fed to us. Most of them are not even true. For instance, the memory of a goldfish, etc; these myths have now all been exposed by myth busters.

Some of the myths below you will agree have been around for a very long time.  Just because they are time tested, it doesn’t mean they are true. A good myth is no different than someone lying to themselves for so long that, they start to believe it as true. Long standing myths make a good conversation, you tell someone Goldfish has a memory of ten seconds or less. They take that and share it with someone else and it just spreads.

Myths are a great example of word of mouth, they spread from one person to the next.  Here is a list of myths and the amount of truth attached to them. Scroll down and be surprised.


  • 1

    Fingernails and Hair Keep Growing After Death

    This a myth which everyone still believes in. They claim that despite the fact that other body parts decay, hair and fingernails keep growing. The truth is: they don’t. People actually mistake the fact that since other areas with skin on them are decaying, the fingernails and hair seem comparatively bigger.

    Nails and Hair
  • 2

    A Duck’s Quack Doesn’t Echo

    Go to a store where you can get yourself a live duck. Grab it and bring it home. Put in your basement and turn the lights out so it gets scared. You’ll definitely get your answer. It’s obvious that their quack echoes.

  • 3

    Cracking Your Knuckles can Cause Arthritis

    This particular myth is being carried down by our great grandparents. They would always ask you to stop cracking your knuckles as it would cause arthritis. Doctors have now given a final verdict about this fact and stated that cracking your knuckles does not give you arthritis. So go ahead and crack them knuckles!

  • 4

    Swallowing a Chewing Gum will leave it there for 7 Years

    Your mom would always shout at you for swallowing a gum. She would say it will stay in your stomach for 7 years. Don’t worry, it won’t! The truth is, it will come out and look almost like how it look when you chewed it up.

    Chewing Gum
  • 5

    If you cut an Earthworm, it regenerates into Two Earthworms

    Even a five grader would tell you that worms shed their tails and not their entire body. So if you are planning on cutting them from the middle just to see them regenerate into two earthworms; well, you’re out of luck. That is not going to happen.

    Worm into two
  • 6

    Goldfish Have a 3 Second Memory

    Goldfish actually have a really sound memory. They can be taught to respond to different lights, music and even sensory clues. So no, if someone has been calling you a person with a memory of a goldfish; it actually works in your favour.

  • 7

    You Should Drink 8 Glasses of Water Everyday

    No one knows who exactly came up with this myth. If you are thirsty, just go ahead and drink some water. Less water won’t kill you and more water won’t give you a lot of health. Water overall is much better than drinking soft drinks and it does provide health benefits but eight glasses a day is not true.

    Glass of water
  • 8

    Great Wall of China is the Only Man Made Structure Visible from Space

    What we call space is approximately 100 miles or 50 miles away from the earth. If that is space then you should know that there are several other manmade structures which can be seen: pyramids for instance. No, Great Wall of China is not an exception.

    Great wall of China

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