Best Coffee Shops in London

How pleasant it feels when you hold a cup of dark, creamy, soft and foamy coffee especially when you are feeling tired and lazy. Coffee is not just the best source of boosting up your energy level but it also has proved to be effective to avoid several chronic diseases including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s disease, cirrhosis of liver, gout and heart disease. It is made by brewing roasted coffee beans through different methods to prepare beverage of variety of forms from espresso to cappuccino. Making a delish cup of coffee is itself an art and the taste and flavor of coffee greatly depends on the quality of roasted beans. London is overflowing with numerous coffee shops that are known for their excellence in coffee making with some of the best quality beans and latest brewing techniques.


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    Prufrock Coffee shop

    Prufrock coffee shop is among the best coffee shops in London providing their customers with a cup of rich coffee which never disappoints the one who drinks it. This shop is famous for its natural and friendly environment and helpful service. Their delish  menu include espresso costing 1.80, espresso with milk in three sizes of cups starting from 2.20, filter coffee in two varieties costing 3.5 and 4 and variety of delicious snacks as well.

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    Notes Music & Coffee

    Notes music and coffee has gained enough fame in just couple of years and is considered one of those coffee shops which make a spell bounding, foamy, rich cup of coffee for its customers. They provide fantastic environment and quick service. Their downstairs music and movie shop is amazing and adds to the flavor of your coffee. This place is truly a magical combination of good coffee, food and music.

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    Monmouth Coffee shop

    Monmouth coffee shop is regarded as best coffee shop in London and a must visit. Coffee here is extremely delish having a unique taste and texture which you wouldn’t have experienced ever before. Service is very quick as you will find your coffee with you in no time. It has relaxed environment and is a desirable place to go for a coffee.

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    Milk Bar

    Milk bar is praised for its beautiful interior design, simple and delish food and breakfast and the most creamy, thick, rich and impulsive cup of coffee. Extremely calm and enjoyable environment is provided here with friendly and quick service. Wooden interior and amazing coffee in glass allows you to chill out with your friends or peers in relaxing environment. A cup of espresso here, worth more than what you pay for it and is a must have.

  • 5

    Tapped & Packed

    Tapped and packed is exceptionally brilliant place for a coffee. Astonishing interior would make your day by the time you enter into the shop. Stupendous cup of coffee, which is made by the brewing method of your own choice and variety of beans from top most roasters, is provided here. Menu contains variety of espresso along with tasty treats and sandwiches.

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    Nude Espresso

    One of the finest quality cocoa is blended here in an enchanting way to produce a rich and velvety cup of coffee that would enlighten your whole day and would soon bring you back to Nude espresso. They have lovely environment and staff. East’ espresso blend, Nicaragua El Quetzal and Costa Rica Zamorana are their must haves.

  • 7

    Workshop Coffee Co.

    This place is rapidly gaining the fame for its outstandingly brewed coffee which fully satisfies its customers. The food is also simply delicious and gives you a chance to enjoy a healthy delish meal or breakfast before you have your creamy coffee mug in workshop coffee co.

  • 8

    Dose Espresso

    One of the best coffee shops that one would love to go. They present you the finest brewed aromatic fair-trade coffees with a cozy and friendly environment.

  • 9

    The Espresso Room

    Espresso room provides you with the best textured and smooth cup of coffee made with the most fine quality roasted beans from Square Mile. You can enjoy the rich, dark aroma in every sip. Environment here is really calm and staff is friendly.

  • 10


    Kaffeine is regarded as the best Square Mile beans coffee producers in a unique Syneso machine, making your experience of having Kaffeine’s coffee more rich, creamy and mesmerizing. You are going to love the friendly environment here.

  • 11

    Tina, We Salute You

    This cozy corner café is one of the most stylish places to have your coffee. The taste and texture of their coffee is simply unexplainable in words, so you got to visit the café and experience the most soothing sensation of velvety brewed espresso.

  • 12

    LJ Coffee House

    This place is simply most relaxing and comfortable coffee shop in Soho. They make superb coffee from finest hand roasted beans and present it in the best way possible to add to the flavor of cocoa and allow their customers to enjoy their experience at LJ coffee house.

  • 13

    Taylor St Baristas

    Taylor St is regarded as the place where people’s perceptions about coffee changes with a single sip. The makers never compromise on consistently brilliant taste of coffee. It is a perfect place to enjoy an ideally tasty coffee.

  • 14

    Gwilym Davies’ Coffee Cart

    World famous barista champion Gwilym Davies is known for his excellence in making the most finest and delicious coffee. His cart is worthy to visit by all coffee lovers to have an inspirational cup of rich coffee made with complete brilliance.

  • 15

    Taste of Bitter Love

    This place is cozy and comfortable, providing its customers one of the most creamy and rich coffee that deserves appreciation. No matter what kind of coffee lover you are, TOBL's coffee will definitely amaze you with its taste.

  • 16

    Sacred Café

    Sacred cafe is a place that is dark, comfy and full of art that enchant you by the moment you step in. Plenty of seating are there so you can sit and relax, enjoying a delish coffee with some tasty treats.

  • 17

    Flat white

    Flat white has attained a consistent reputation to provide the best coffee in London. Whether it is a cup of espresso, latte, cappuccino or mocha, their taste will make you fall in love with this place.

  • 18

    Bean 'n' Cup

    Bean n cup is among the most comfortable and well-kept coffee shops in London. Coffee made here is perfectly brewed to ensure great taste and texture. The atmosphere is relaxing and calm.

  • 19

    Wild and Wood

    It is one of the oldest coffee shops in London which has still maintained its reputation for making the finest brewed coffee. This place is really calm and relaxing along with quick and nice staff.

  • 20

    Bar Italia

    Have the most deliciously brewed coffee in bar Italia especially if you want to enjoy the real continental feel of it. This place is mostly crowded with people and also is famous for its environment.

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