How to Apply for a New Passport in London

If you plan on taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life in London and want to travel to a sun-kissed beach abroad, then you need a passport. For frequent travelers, this is not a problem and they already have a passport that is brimming with visas and stamps from around the world. However, someone who has never left the borders of the UK will need to apply for a fresh passport in London. The Identity and Passport Service is responsible for issuing UK passports and for administering the civil registration process in England and Wales. Its an executive agency of the Home Office. To make the process of applying for a new passport in London to the IPS simpler here is a detailed step by step guide about how to apply for a new passport in London.


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    In order to obtain a new British Passport, an applicant needs to be first be a UK citizen. They also need to be 16 or older. Other groups that can apply are British overseas territories citizens, British subjects, British nationals living  overseas and British protected persons.

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    Fees and documents required

    The IPS will charge all first time applicants 77.50 pounds for a passport that is valid for 10 years. The 32-page booklet is free if you are born on or before 2 September 1929.

    The required documents are as follows:
    i. 2 passport size color photographs
    ii. Proof of British Citizenship. A birth certificate that is notarized can be used here.
    iii. Other documents as per application requirements. IPS some times asks for further proof of parents or UK citizenship.

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    Application Form

    When you are ready to get started, remember that you must apply at least 6 weeks before you intend to travel. There is no express service for first time applicants.

    The application form can be received in 4 different ways:

    a) Fill form online: The IPS allows you to complete the application online and then send. The IPS then prints out the form and sends it back to you to sign and attach documents. Click Here to go to the online form.

    b) Post Office: You can also collect the form from a Post office location that offers Passport Check & Send service. Click Here to browse a list of location in London. The post office does charge a fee for this service.

    c) Request Online: You can also ask the IPS to send you the form to your mailing address by filling out a request online. Click here to send the IPS a request for form. This takes 5 days to be delivered.

    d) Call: You can also pick up the phone and dial +44 300 222 0000 to contact IPS and request the form be mailed to you. This process also requires 5 working days for it to reach your home or office.

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    Completing and Submitting application

    In all cases you will receive the application form at your given mailing address. Make sure all aspects of the application are completed thoroughly and that there are no mistakes. You must also attach the documents as required including photographs.

    Once complete the form you need to sign the form and also have someone else counter sign it too. The same person should also certify your photographs by signing the back. For more details click here.

    You need to attach all your original documents to the form along with pictures and put it in a sealed envelope and send to the following address:

    Identity & Passport Service

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    Tracking and processing time

    The IPS will take approximately six weeks to finalize a new passport. You can track you application process by checking out our step by step guide to tracking your passport application in London.

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