How to Host a Crafty Bridal Shower

Crafty bridal showers are very creative and are a great way to enjoy with your friends and family. Arranging a theme in crafts for your bridal shower is exciting as there are so many things you can do. The craft projects may include making jewellery, cards or pottery. It is very important on your part to make sure that you choose a craft that most of the people at the event are able to perform with ease. In this way, the guests will be able to contribute to the bridal shower and will also enjoy their participation.


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    Prepare a guest list

    The first thing you need to do is to prepare a guest list for the bridal shower. It is up to you to determine which guests you need to invite but the bridal shower must have the names of all your friends and family. Compile a list so that the invitations are made in time for the event.

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    Select a place for the bridal shower

    The next step would be to determine a place for the bridal shower. You can arrange it at your own place but it totally depends on the number of guests you have. There must be considerable place for the crafting area and food so consider catering.

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    Select the craft

    The most important thing is to select which craft you would want the guests to be involved in at the event. Make sure that you select a craft that is easy for everyone and that all the guests enjoy throughout.

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    Buy the supplies

    You need to buy the supplies for the craft. Make sure there are ample supplies for your guests and there is no shortage as that would be embarrassing for you.

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    Inform and demonstrate

    In the end, inform all your friends and family about the crafty bridal shower so that they come prepared for the event. You need to demonstrate the craft in the beginning so that the people who are unaware also know what they need to do. This will help all the guests present at the event.

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