How to Rid Shaving Bumps On Black Men

Black people usually have a different sort of facial hair that isn’t normal to other men. Their genes are developed in a way that gives rise to the kind of facial hair which curves back into the skin and almost forms a rainbow type shape. So, it is a bit hard to shave for black men and they often have this complain of razor bumps. The issue of razor bumps gives rise to the bacteria and fungus and the new hair will be all messed up because of that and the disease will spread at the fast speed which will cause pain and infections.


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    Reduce the number of times you shave in a week to just three or maximum four times. Your face requires at least a couple of days to recover from the shave and if you will keep on shaving regularly, the face will not be ready for that and it will hurt the system which will cause multiple diseases to grow especially some infections and red bumps. Give proper time for your skin to heal.

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    Never use a dull razor anytime because it will just not cut the hair on your face but also rip some part of the skin which will cause infection and red bumps on your skin. Use sharp razors that don’t require two shots at the face to remove hair on your face. Never shave one part of the face twice.

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    Use warm water to wash your face before preparing it for shave. Use warm water for everything, cleaning the razor etc. However, if your skin is allergic to warm water then you can use mild cold water as well but warm water should be your preference.

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    Whenever you are shaving, make sure that the direction of your razor is in line with the direction of the growth of your hair. Black men have curvy hair to the direction of shave should be slanting downwards.

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    After shaving, use after-shave lotion or moisturizer on your face. Apply it mildly; no pressure should be applied on the face because it can damage the face as it is already shaved and needs to heal.

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    To close the pores on your face, you should splash cold water and wait a little after every shot.

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