How to Wear Black without Looking Goth

If you have a heart for black or very dark colours but for some reason you are afraid of people judging you as being Goth, then you must be a little careful. The Goths belonged to East Germany and they were famous for wearing full black clothes and females used black on their fingernails, lips and hairs. Both Gothic males and females used black eyeliner and they adapt fashions from Elizabethans, Victorians and Punks. It does not matter to which profession you belong, but with a little instructions, you can easily fulfil your desire of wearing dark colours and avoid looking Goth.


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    Do not dress in full black

    The most important thing in avoiding the Gothic look is to not dress up in black from head to toe. Here, you should remember that you can always use other dark colours that would serve the purpose. No one is asking you to change your choice, but all you have to do is to alter your preference a little. It is strongly advised that you should mix up your dressing a little to avoid looking Goth. For example, instead of wearing full black, you can wear dark grey denim with a black top and can wear something red over your shirt. This will not only help you get rid of the Goth look but you will be able to use the maximum dark colours.

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    Take help from the style icon

    With people over dressing, the demand for style icons is considerably increasing. These not only help people in the choice of clothing but they also assist them in wearing their clothes with different patterns. For this, you should search for a style icon in your locality and discuss your issue with him/her and they will be able to give your plenty of ideas.

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    Avoid black makeup

    It is important that you should avoid black makeup especially when it comes to fingernails and eyeliners. Here, you should use other colours that contrast with your skin tone but try to stay away from black. It is also recommended that you should do as little makeup as possible. If you are still dying for makeup, you can use mascara and eyebrows but try to keep it simple.

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