Facebook Starts Rolling Out Timeline for Pages On Mobile Platforms

Facebook has started introducing the Timeline design to its mobile platform, as they appear to be slowly rolling out across the network. Last year in December, the social networking site launched the new layout for desktop.

The new layout features a cover photo, more comprehensive information from the About section, and new icons to see images on the page and information about its fan base. There is much bigger Like icon on the iPhone app which is located on the width of the screen. But on the mobile web, the Like icon is comparatively smaller on some pages because the page also has the Message icon.

Timeline for personal profiles which is introduced on mobile is almost similar to what it launched on desktop. These types of modifications make the Facebook experience more interesting and could eventually help improve conversations for mobile Sponsored Stories.

The inclusion of a cover photo and page description gives users a comprehensible idea what the page is actually about and the bigger Like icon is an attractive feature for users.

Facebook doesn’t feature the cover photos as tall as it does for personal Timelines on mobile because it enables the users to see detailed information below.

According to Facebook, “We aren’t making any changes to mobile pages today, but we’re dedicated to making the experience on mobile consistent with that on desktop soon.”

In the past, the mobile version of Pages would just feature the profile picture for the Page, along with the category and number of likes the page had shown in small print at the bottom with the Like icon.

The recent update by Facebook will certainly attract many users, since the inclusion of cover photo and more information to profile pages will give users a better idea about the page.

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