How To Amend a Divorce Decree

When angry, people often rest on the decision of parting ways by filing for a divorce that seems accurate to them in the start but later on, often people realise their mistakes and try to make amends. Keeping in mind, ‘it is never too late’, you should never stop thinking about the decisions you have taken or about to take and should give yourself time to evaluate your decision.

Undoubtedly, marriage is one of the toughest decision couples make. It may not feel hard in the start but as the process starts, people feel too exhausted and they are willing to do anything to get over it.

The divorce process is very complicated and it often takes too much time. Often in the beginning, both partners are convinced that they cannot live together and divorce is the only solution to their problems but later on, they feel different. There are many cases where the couple is on a verge of getting divorced and only then they realise that they can solve the problem by sitting and discussing it with each other. Filing for a divorce does not mean that what’s done is done and you cannot do anything about it, there is always an option for modifying your divorce announcement.


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    You should go online and confirm the divorce laws governed by your state as these vary from state to state. You should jot down the relevant information as this will help you in making your case stronger.

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    After you have obtained the required information, you should contact the clerk of Family Courts, where you filed for divorce.  You can ask him about the documents required to make amendment in your divorce case. You can ask him to gather the documents and have you mailed or you can collect them later at a more suitable time.

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    You might need Financial Affidavit, Sworn Documents, Proof of Social Security number or Petition to Modify to make amends in your divorce case. After you obtain all the required documents, fill them out very carefully, making sure that you make no mistake and everything is in the right order.

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    After all the documents are filled and attached together, you should make a duplicate copy of the documents for yourself, as having a record proves to be very fruitful at times.

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    File your request in the court where you were divorced.

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