Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the in thing these days. While many of us love them, we still get confused about what shoes to wear with them. It is important to pair the clothes with the right shoes to give an overall perfect look. They accentuate the body and give a slim effect so you should choose the right shoes. Those girls who are tall do not need to worry as they can wear any sort of shoes but shorter girls need to be more careful. As these jeans are body hugging, you cannot wear very bulky shoes with it.


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    To give a casual effect to your overall look, wear ballerina flats. They come in different colours, patterns and shapes. You can either buy some neutral shades to go with every shirt or collect your favourite colours. Nowadays, neon colours are in fashion so grab some of those. If you want to give yourself a taller look, go for the pointy ones. The rounded ones are comfortable and perfect for the day time.  If you want the attention to stay on the jeans, then do not wear very elaborate ones.
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    As the winter season kicks in, these leg huggers are perfect for tucking in boots. Their style makes them perfect for all kinds of boots. You can pull of the heel styled or the riding boots. If you have to go to a dinner party, wear ankle style booties. Sleek styles work great as they shouldn’t over shadow your upper body.  Wide and tall boots with less or no heels make the legs appear thinner. If boots are too bulky, they will look misfit and unproportionate with the body hugging jeans, so do try the boots on before buying them.

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    Women love to flaunt heels. They have the advantage of elongating the leg with a pointed toe style. Heels give a very sleek and thin look around the ankles and feet, balance the look by wearing a longer top with it. Many people prefer to wear wedges with them. If you are very thin, you can wear any style and length of the top with skinny’s and with pointed high heels. Do not wear block heels as they do not go well with body hugging jeans. Heeled sandals or pumps are a good choice.

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