Top 10 Things Partners Shouldn’t do in a Relationship

Almost everyone in this world faces difficulties while maintaining a relationship. This is because people do not know what to do and what to avoid. Sometimes, they seek help from a professional counsellor but most of the times people fail to find out what went wrong.

However, there are couple of things that can really help you in making the best out of a relationship. Do not worry; these are just simple directions that will yield some amazing results. All you need to do is to negate yourself and put an honest effort.


  • 1

    Do not dominate

    First thing you should keep in mind is that being dominant ruins a relationship. You must make your partner realise that you value his/her opinion. Even if you are right, still you should not be imposing your decision rather discuss the matter with your partner and try to find some common ground.

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  • 2

    Don’t be selfish

    If you want to maintain an ideal relationship, you must overcome the basic instinct of selfishness. Moreover, you should not be materialistic as this will prove you insincere and take your partner away from you.

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  • 3

    Do not be an accountant

    Though, it is good to keep check and balance on your accounts but once you are in a relationship, you cannot count money in front of your partner. This definitely will not leave a positive impression and ultimately your relationship will suffer.

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  • 4

    Do not live in the past

    Every person in this world has a past and there are few things that no one likes to discuss. If your partner had a relationship in the past, do not ever discuss it as this will draw a line between you two and ultimately create more problems.

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  • 5

    Do not lose the connection

    You must not have a communication gap in a relationship otherwise the trouble will be double for you. Spare some time and sit together.

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  • 6

    Do not try to change

    The most common mistake people make is that they try to change their partner according to their wishes. You must accept them the way they are. Even if you do not like something, discuss it and give some suggestions politely.

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  • 7

    Do not ignore

    Next thing you should avoid in a relationship is ignoring your partner. You must make them realise that you keep them on top of the priority list.

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  • 8

    Do not lie

    You must be true and honest to your partner. Do not hide things otherwise this will ruin your relationship.

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  • 9

    Do not compare

    The most annoying thing in a relationship is the comparison. You should not ever compare your partner with someone else. This is equal to humiliating someone.

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  • 10

    Do not over-think

    If you have some problem with your partner, do not over-think as this will fill your heart with a grudge. Stay cool and things will get better later on.

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