How to Celebrate Tell a Story Day

If you think you are good at telling stories then April 27 has something interesting for you. This is because the day is celebrated as Tell a Story Day in some parts of the world, particularly the United States. It is not quite possible that you have never told a story to someone. Reaching the office late, forgetting your girl friend’s birthday, and not doing your homework, hence all such incidents are closely associated with storytelling which most of the times are self-generated fake stories. If you have ever come across any such scenario, then make sure to fully enjoy April 27, as it is your day. Remember that the purpose of observing or celebrating this day is just to have some fun around with your friends, relatives or colleagues by sharing some stories or real life incidents.


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    Wish your loved ones

    As a gesture of love and care for your colleagues, friends and family members, just send them a message via mobile phone or social networks saying “Wish You a Very Happy Tell a Story Day.” The message may contain a surprising short story at the beginning or end of the message.

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    Share the information

    There is a possibility that some of your friends or family members may not be aware of Tell a Story Day particularly if you live somewhere other than United States. Nevertheless, if you know about this day then it is good to share this information with others. You can do so by telling an interesting story to a friends or relative.

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    Think of a Story

    If you are getting ready to go to school, college, university or your workplace then try to do something interesting this time in order to make this day a bit different. Just plan a story which may be unreal but in such a way that it creates suspense among all those who listen to it.

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    Tell a story

    One you make an entry at your workplace or a classroom, you probably see some quiet faces that you would love to change by telling something full of suspense. Just change the atmosphere by telling a story that you have planned. However, if you see that the situation is getting tense because of the story just reveal the truth.

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    Organize a gathering

    Organize a simple get together at your place or somewhere else. All the participants in the gathering should be asked to tell a story. You can set a stage for this purpose in an open area like garden or in front of a fireplace somewhere inside.

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